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The wife even gave birth to the mixed blood to the foreign guy. Private detective, this month, is the seventh time that Bi has been hiding in the quilt and pressed to bear and cry. Winter night sky, it seems extremely lonely, no moonlight, no stars, large areas of darkness, like a bottomless abyss, extending forward. I smoke in fear, and my heart gets empty.
Since the last time I went to the hospital, I might have had a hard time being a dad in my life, and she became depressed. After the walk, she would always hide in the quilt crying, that feeling, as if she was a hard slap in the face, hit me in the face, painful mouth bursts of numbness. A few footsteps outside the door, followed by a sigh, must be my mother just got up.
The next day, my mother pulled me aside and stopped talking. She always had such an embarrassing look when she had something important to discuss with me. I said, mom, just tell me what you want to say. Mom finally opened her mouth, I remember you have always liked BB, or I would advise a small bowl to give us a birth, adopt BB, or she was born.
My mother's words surprised me. I stayed as a chicken looking at her, she patted me on the shoulder, if you do not even have the chance to be a father in your life, life will not leave a regret? I made an excuse to go back to the company. Along the way, mother's words have been wandering in my mind. I don't know how to make a choice.
In addition to me, the small bowl also likes BB very much. In the early two years, we began to prepare for pregnancy, but for my reasons, she had never been pregnant. Later, my mother did not ask my opinion again. I thought that was the way it went. But when I got home that day, my mother told me with a mysterious smile that the small bowl agreed to help her family to have a BB. After half a month, I watched the small bowl with fear, for fear that she would catch up with any man on that day. Which man can tolerate his own woman and have BB with other men.
Until those days, the small bowl appeared morning sickness for several days. When she went to the hospital for examination, she was pregnant. Mother was overjoyed, and told her friends and family that she was pregnant. My colleagues and friends have called to congratulate me. At that instant, I really had an illusion that I felt a sense of joy as a father. I asked the small bowl once, who is BB, she did not say. Seeing her reluctance, I didn't ask any more questions.
In June this year, the small bowl is finally going to be born, heard the moment BB wow cry, I grow a breath, I finally become a "father". The nurse smiled and said, Congratulations, your wife gave birth to a son, mother and child are safe. I went straight to my son's bed, when I heard the cry of PII again. I walked over and kissed her in the face and said, "wife, it's hard for you.
However, she said to me with tears, I'm sorry, she kept saying sorry to me. I saw the situation wrong, I thought my son had something wrong, he called the nurse, said to see BB. The nurse led me to the nursery. My eyes were black and almost fainted. The tall nose, white hair and white hair are white children. I couldn't believe it. Mother came up to me in a hurry. When she saw BB, she asked the nurse if she had taken the wrong place. The nurse said calmly, "no mistake. This is your daughter-in-law."
Mother was crying in the hospital. She could not help but throw herself at Bihan's bed, scolding her for her shamelessness and punching her in the face. The nurse pulled her away. Bihan later explained to me that the foreigner was a former classmate of hers, and liked her for a long time, so she looked for him. Afterwards very regretful, but later, afraid of being scolded by us, did not dare to say, just pray not to be pregnant, but unfortunately pregnant with... Seeing her face full of tears, I could not bear to scold her again, and then to find out the truth of the matter. Just, how should I explain to my friends and relatives how to accept all this?