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Financial letter [2018] 95
China Government-Enterprise Cooperative Investment Fund Co., Ltd. and China Government-Enterprise Cooperative Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.
In order to further strengthen the management of China's government-enterprise cooperative investment fund, better play the role of guiding, standardizing and increasing credit, and implement the rectification of the relevant issues in the State Council's Report on the Audit of the Implementation of the Central Budget and Other Financial Revenues and Expenditures in 2017, I hereby inform you of the following matters:
First, your company should strengthen its responsibilities and actively support and serve the major strategic and key areas of the country. We should increase investment in public services such as health, culture, science and technology, pension, education, sports and tourism, pay attention to regional and regional balance, and increase support for remote areas in the West and northeastern provinces. We must resolutely implement the decision making plan to win the battle against poverty and give priority support to the poverty-stricken areas. We should actively explore the mode and path of cooperation with private capital, and give preference to government and social capital cooperation (PPP) projects in which private enterprises participate. We should not only invest in large and small PPP projects, in developed areas and in underdeveloped areas, but also in state-owned enterprises.
Two, your company should attach great importance to PPP standard management. We must implement the policy documents issued by the Ministry of Finance and other departments, and constantly promote the participation of all parties. We should strictly control the investment criteria of the project, satisfy the conditions of reasonable financing structure, compliance of the main contracting parties, establishment of a pay-for-performance mechanism, and certain operating income, and do real equity, real financing and real risk management. At the same time, we should improve the internal control system, establish and improve the post-investment management system, strengthen the post-project tracking supervision, and ensure the safety of project operation.
3. China Government-Enterprise Cooperative Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fund Management Co., Ltd.) should optimize the mode of investment and improve the level of investment operation. Effective investment strategies and modes should be formed, project reserves should be strengthened, investment decision-making procedures should be optimized, project approval and fund allocation speed should be improved, and investment progress should be accelerated. We should strengthen communication and coordination with shareholders, financial institutions and advisory bodies, and summarize experiences and practices in a timely manner.
Four, fund management companies should do a good job in fund management. We should constantly improve the efficiency of the use of funds, adhere to the investment norms of PPP projects, reduce the scale of idle funds as much as possible, not be idle to promote investment in PPP projects because of avoiding risks, and not only carry out low-risk fixed-income products investment in pursuit of stable returns. To strengthen the performance appraisal and improve the appraisal index system, the index weights related to the main industry, such as regional equilibrium of PPP projects, return on investment and so on, should not be less than 60% in principle, and the index weights of return on investment of fixed income products should not be higher than 20% in principle.
Fifth, China Government-Enterprise Cooperative Investment Fund Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the fund company) should improve and perfect the periodic reporting system. It is necessary to report to the Ministry of Finance the assets and liabilities, investment gains and losses, capital operation and other major situations that may affect investors'rights and interests. The first ten working days of each quarter report the operation of the fund in the last quarter, including the evaluation of decision-making projects, fund management, risk control, existing problems and the next work plan. Submit the annual work summary and the current year's work plan before the end of January.
Six, your company should implement performance appraisal. The evaluation includes, but is not limited to, the degree to which the policy objectives are achieved, the investment operation, the overall risk control, the standardized operation and the accomplishment of the annual objectives and tasks. To organize and carry out the performance evaluation work in 2018 as soon as possible, the evaluation report should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance before January 20, 2019, and the evaluation results will be used as the basis for the salary of all employees of fund companies and fund management companies in 2018.
Seven, your company should do a good job of Party building. We must implement the main responsibility and unswervingly implement the party's line, principles, policies and requirements. Strictly abide by the Party's discipline, punish and prevent simultaneously, improve the internal control system, improve the internal and external supervision mechanism, and link the integrity and self-discipline with the annual assessment of employees. The clues to the problems of corruption and style should be dealt with in a timely manner, with serious accountability and reporting to the Ministry of Finance in a timely manner.

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